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September 21, 2012 - letters / words

Laura Esquivel Lately, I’ve been posting words that inspire to help define the future and motivations behind the vision of Paper Amor.

Paper Amor is about art, culture, justice, language, identity, and California. It’s about home, art, gratitude, and literature. It’s about familia, gente, amor, español, Inglés, cartas de amor, and esperanza. It’s about having roots and wings. Mostly, it’s a journey about self identity being of mixed Mexican and Russian cultures raised and rooted in California.

Part of this journey includes reading. Reading from great authors and great poets to learn more about identity and expression of identity.

The latest vida inspirations come from ‘Malinche’ by Laura Esquivel.

  • “only those who empty themselves can be filled anew”
  • “For a few moments, which seemed like an eternity, nothing happened”
  • “although they did not know clearly what it was, they could feel it in their hearts” “before there minds could correctly interpret the meaning of this message”

Read the first couple pages of Malinche here en espanol

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