Flores #Calipaz

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Spring BloomingEast Oakland Orange and Yellow SF Mission District Fallen Flowers East Oakland

MexicanTown | Detroit


Detroit 2013

Diego Rivera | Detroit

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Rivera Court | Detroit Institute of the Arts Check out more here: http://www.dia.org/art/rivera-court.aspx

the remix: spring

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the remix is our seasonal recording of Cali culture What’s Inside? Following the Steps of Cesar Chavez Mission Walking A Look Ahead Following the Steps of Cesar Chavez Coachella Stories about the steps of Cesar Chavez seep through conversations all over rural California. “Cesar Chavez went to church here. He celebrated here and brought the…

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3 things i like

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Here are 3 web sites I find myself on pretty often that inspire me. The Unapologetic Mexican @newswithnezua provided me with some foundation for my frustrations and thoughts back in late high school and early college, inspiring me Brain Pickings @brainpicker beautiful words gathered here, especially on writing, how to be a writer, when not…

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30 días de palabras: día 17

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Your shine exists wither you want it to or not. m. avila

30 días de palabras: día 13


From the Familia “You are most impressive when you are being you.” B. Avila

30 días de palabras: día 12


From the Familia Why did you cross the border from US-Mexico? “We had to. For the situation of being poor.” Grandpa

Paper Amor is here!

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Salsa. Food. Quotes. Cards. Inspiration. Fotos. Words.