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August 24, 2012 - letters

(11) thoughts from este verano

    …words that changed me in Summer 2012

1. Be vulnerable

  • Others seek your courage – Rumi
  • Your open-ness, human-ness allows others to be real too

2. Just be yourself

  • Stop rejecting parts of you

3. Use your voice

  • Your story is the most powerful means to your change

4. Listening means what people tell you can change you

5. Stay humble and focused

  • These are observations of people I admire who exemplify humility to me: Humility is usually expressed through action and example rather than words. Don’t be too moved by disgrace or praise. Be receptive. It moves slower, but achieves more. Humility has keen acknowledgement of others in a space and it avoids being too eager.
  • intelligence is receptivity, expressed – nezua

6. Make relationships with people before you NEED them

7. Trust yourself, regardless of external validation

8. Lean into the pool of your thoughts, linger in the problem space

  • If you are constantly being drawn to some thought pattern or activity, go with it for awhile.
  • “Find a place you trust, and then try trusting it for awhile” – Sister Corita Kent (via @brainpicker)

9. Sometimes you just gotta know how to feel

  • Taken from a ZEE AVI song that describes this summer to me
  • “Don’t analyze so much. Pick the one that makes your heart beat. It is as simple as that” – My sister on love
  • Be honest. Straightforward. End conversations. Don’t leave people hanging.

10. Even if you try to hide, the joke is you are always exposed

  • Heard this thought through a conversation
  • Laughter is healing
  • … on not wanting to be noticed, too bad.

11. Just don’t be so politically correct that you neglect to celebrate the differences

  • “Equality doesn’t mean everyone the same. Just mean everyone is celebrated for who they are” – My sister

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