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March 10, 2012 - words

The Labyrinth of Solitude – Octavio Paz

If you care to understand the Mexican character and culture or find connection for yourself, read Octavio Paz – The Labyrinth of Solitude. And then re-read it. It is intoxicating. Paz writes with such an eloquence and clarity.

Pulled out quotes (from Chapter 1):

Paz describing his first visit to Los Angeles:Octavio Paz
“At first sight, the visitor is surprised…” “by the city’s vaguely Mexican atmosphere, which cannot be captured in words or concepts. The Mexicanism – delight in decorations, carelessness and pomp, negligence, passion and reserve – floats in the air. I say “floats” because it never mixes or unites with the other world, the North American world based on precision and efficiency. It floats, without offering any opposition; it hovers, blown here and there by the wind, sometimes breaking up like a cloud, sometimes standing erect like a rising rocket. It creeps, it wrinkles, it expands and contracts; it sleeps or dreams; it is ragged but beautiful. It floats, never quite existing, never quite vanishing.”

“I refuse to believe that physical features are as important as commonly thought.”

“Our cult of death is also a cult of life, in the same way that love is a hunger for life and a longing for death.”

“We get drunk in order to confess; they get drunk in order to forget.”

Young Octavio Paz

“beyond myself, somewhere, i wait for my arrival.”

Do you know of similar writings from a woman’s perspective? or in a woman’s voice?