Show Me Your Papers

Show Me Your Papers

Lalo Alcaraz

La Raza Comica: Noche de Mujeres

Anoche, I attended an inspirational event at the cartoon museum in San Francisco.

From the SF Cartoon Art Museum

    The Cartoon Art Museum and The Latino Comics Expo are proud to announce Noche de Latinas, an evening with Latina comic book artists discussing their craft, their inspirations, and how they manage to navigate in the “macho” world of comics. Bay Area Creators Gabrielle Gamboa (Miss LonelyHearts), Crystal Gonzales (In the Dark), Liz Mayorga ( and L.A.-based artist Grasiela Rodriguez (Spadra/Lunatic Fringe) will share their stories and experiences, as well as their best practices in creating independent comics, zines and web animation.

      La Raza

      La Raza Comica: Noche De Mujeres

      Grasiela Rodriguez shared a hilarious story about her hope to squeeze a story about mermaids in her comics. I’ve just started watching her animated shorts on youtube.

      Grasiela Rodriguez

      Grasiela Rodriguez

      Gracias for the many inspirations!

      Picked up a copy of In the Dark by Crystal Gonzales ;). Excited to read all about Fibble and the curse of Sin.