the remix: spring

June 5, 2013 - avila / my fotos / remix / words

the remix is our seasonal recording of Cali culture

What’s Inside?

  • Following the Steps of Cesar Chavez
  • Mission Walking
  • A Look Ahead

Following the Steps of Cesar Chavez

Stories about the steps of Cesar Chavez seep through conversations all over rural California.

Cesar Chavez went to church here. He celebrated here and brought the people here.” A local community resident lets this slip off his tongue as we pass by a small Church off First Street in Coachella.

Many living residents have memories with Cesar Chavez in Coachella, and there is a growing community effort to not forget. Follow these youth journalists in Coachella for details.

We stopped back by the Church later in the evening. The walls are in the pictures below. The art mural of La Madre is one of my favorites in Cali.

IMG_20130507_211318 IMG_20130507_211902
IMG_20130507_211600 IMG_20130502_200535

See some of our favorite words from Mr. Chavez

Mission Walks
San Francisco

In the streets, the buildings and walls are the canvas and frames. There is no rope to keep us out. In the streets, you dive into the frames, swim with the art, walk on the walls, disregarding gravity and social law; the lines blur till you and your camera become a part of it.

Here’s a taste of walking through the alleys off 24th street in the Mission of San Francisco.

The city to walk in.
IMG_20130605_200622IMG_20130605_200459Her power is her own. She will not give it away.” Sandra Cisneros

IMG_20130512_200330Note: I did not capture the names of the artists or history of the art I’ve taken photos of and posted. They were taken in May 2013 in the alleys and streets of the Mission District in San Francisco. If you have specifics, please let me know.

The hope is to learn the history, the territory, the artists in a more intentional way as I share out my walks.

Visit Precita Eyes Muralists in SF if you ever want a legit walking history tour of the murals.

A Look Ahead

  • Coming Soon! Paperamor original online photo gallery.
  • Summer 2013 is the launch of our new endeavor, The Fruta Project, mixing food, community, fotos, and words. Community contributions will be welcome.
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remix – to mix-again or to re-record elements in a different way or rhythm.


the remix: spring
By: PaperAmor, 2013